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Color Blender Tool

This Color Blender tool was curated from the website.  Use the link in the previous sentence to access tool directly on the site.  It’ll work great that way it’s embedded below.  I use it all the time and haven’t experienced any issues with the color tool.

Calendar on

This is my calendar on my ricoramiro Protopage.  You can create any kid of page you want and add your own background and tabs.  It’s really a cool page!  I’m note sure yet, but the page may be good for SEO as you’re able to add RSS feeds and you’re able to make your page public which means it gets indexed by the search engines.

Created Abstract Monster to have Content to Share

I created the video below to post on my YouTube channel then embed the video on websites so I can use it for SEO content.  I call it Abstract Monsters because the image it’s created from was an abstract image that didn’t look like anything it does now. When I began working with the content, I noticed a face emerging, then a mouth so I just kept going.

The teeth were added with the app on an Android smartphone. offers a great community of professional and novice photographers and people who enjoy creating digital art.  I’ve been a member of the platform for more than a year and I always have fun when I create something new.  The best part of being creative is I get to share the content with other people!